May 31, 2019 Will Bald

Mystery Meat Standards

The Bacon Beatdown 2019

Movement Standards: Mystery Meat



Wallballs- A standard wallball, shot to a target on the rig. Squat below parallel, stand up and shoot the ball to the target. The ball must hit anywhere on the target (9’ for women, 10’ for men).

Front Rack Lunges­- The barbell will start on the ground. Get it to front rack however you’d like. With the barbell in front rack, do a forward lunge with the back knee clearly touching the ground, (not a drop lunge or a back-lunge), then return to standing with both feet in line under the body with knees and hips locked. These are STATIONARY lunges, NOT walking. Athletes do not have to alternate feet if they don’t want to, but alternating is fine. Front rack position may be standard grip or crossed arms, as long as two hands are on the barbell at all times.

Rope Climbs­- The simplest of standards. Climb the rope, touch the beam it’s attached to with one hand, come down. You may descend however you would like. Be safe, please.




The Bacon Beatdown 2019

Event Flow: Mystery Meat: Teams


All movement standards are the same as listed for individuals.

Teams will have one athlete working, two resting, at all times. You may switch whenever you would like by running back to the start mat. When the working athlete reaches the start mat, a new athlete may go out to work, in any order.