We are proud to be one of the first events back after the Covid shutdowns. That said, the virus is still a real thing and we are taking measures to ensure athlete comfort and safety. Please find a list below of the currently planned social distancing and sanitization measures for this year. This list is not meant to be comprehensive, but feel free to ask or suggest things that are missing.

TO BE CLEAR: We are thinking about these things and will do our best to run a safe event. Athlete safety is important to us. That said, this will not be a risk-free activity.

If you are high-risk or very concerned about contracting Covid-19, it would be better for you to NOT attend our event.

People who are sick WILL NOT BE ALLOWED in the venue. If you are sick, DO NOT COME TO THE EVENT. We will provide credits and/or refunds to those who fall ill and unfortunately cannot compete.

Legality: As of today, 6/25/2020, the State of Florida allows auditoriums to be open at 50% capacity. Our venue, the Ocean Center, is a Volusia County-owned auditorium that is enforcing state rules. We are allowed a capacity of 1,200 people. We also have a contingency plan to move people waiting outside the venue proper in order to reduce our capacity and stay safe/legal.

Masks: As of right now, masks will be optional. If this changes, we will require them for spectators and/or non-competing athletes in order to comply.

Air Flow/Closed Space: The Ocean Center has calculated our max capacity within the exhibition hall to be 1,200 people. The room is 100,000 square feet with 32 foot tall ceilings. It is indoor but far from a cramped space. Fresh air will be circulating and flowing throughout the weekend.

Sanitization: There will be hand sanitizer stations available throughout the venue, and at the entrance to each stage. Athletes will disinfect their hands before coming on and before exiting the stage. We will spray cloth surfaces with disinfectant spray regularly. We will wipe down or spray barbells and other equipment regularly as well.  Note: it may not be practical/possible to do this between every heat.

Competition Floor: Our lanes are set up 6′ apart. This should not be a shared-air issue. See above for sanitizing steps.

Social Distancing: The floor will be “gridded” into squares. Gyms may sit together within their square. Each square will be separated from the other squares to provide proper distancing.

Spectators (in the arena): No requirements for masks. Risers will still be in place but seating capacity will be limited and socially distanced. The viewing experience should be largely the same for those who spectate away from the rail.

Spectating (From the stage rail): This will be the biggest change from years past. We will not be able to have people on top of each other and 6 feet deep on the rail. We must observe social distancing. This sort of spectating provides the “juice” and the push and most of the fun of the event, so we have done our best to preserve it. To that end, we have secured plastic separators to allow more spectators to stand on the rail and cheer for their athletes from close range. We will also encourage people to surround the full stage instead of gathering just on the end by the start mats. It’s not optimal, but it’s 2020. We will do our best to make the stages as small as possible in order to be viewer-friendly.

The Beach Wod: Requirements on the beach are different than those in the building. We have a special plan for this which will keep us under 50 people on the beach at any one time.

Misc. Food service will be socially distanced, shared seating areas will be eliminated, check-in will have sneezeguards to protect them (and you) during that process, and the venue will have more bathroom porters and cleaning crews than normal.