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Swine Flew — Standards

The Bacon Beatdown 2019

Movement Standards: Swine Flew

Handstand Pushups- A standard handstand pushup. Start with shoulders and elbows locked out with the feet touching the wall, descend, touch your head to the pad, then kip (or don’t, your choice) and reach lockout, again shoulders and elbows, with both feet touching the wall.

Hand Width: Depending on division, you will have a pad or plates; hands must be on the object(s). The pad isn’t super wide..this will be similar width to Open standards.

Leg width: HSPU will be performed against a Valor Fitness HSPU board on the rig, so you will need to keep your feet reasonably close together in order to have both feet touching at the top..starfish reps simply won’t work against the narrow backing.

Shoulder to Overhead: This can be any kind of press or jerk. Start in front rack, press it up, show lockout of shoulders, elbows (and knees/hips if jerking) with the bar in line with the body and “head through the window”. The athlete must SHOW CONTROL and SUPPORT THE WEIGHT for a moment. The weighting is light, but you must show control and a moment of support overhead. If you’re just “benching it” and ripping it back down, this will be NO REP.

Box Jump Overs: For individuals, it’s a box jump over. Take off from two feet, get to the other side. You can clear the box, you can land on top, whichever. You may go lateral if you choose, just make sure you stay in your lane.  Hands may not touch the box. You do not need to stand up to full on top of the box. Stepovers are ok for Friday competitors.

(Box Facing) Burpee Box Jump Overs: Teams will do burpee box jump overs. Everything same as for individuals, except you need to do a burpee before you jump. YOU MUST FACE THE BOX for the burpee. This is a lane/safety issue. Stay in your lane, folks. Any burpees done where your feet are in someone else’s lane will be NO REP. The burpee is standard – kick back or step back, chest to ground, get back up. No need to clap or touch overhead. Just get up and jump over with two feet. Stepovers are ok for Friday competitors.

Ring Muscle Ups: Standard ring MU. Full extension of the elbows at the bottom, show lockout at the top. Don’t bail early. Show that full extension before you lean back for the transition into the next rep.

Bar Muscle Ups: Not much to say here. Full extension at the bottom, lock out at the top. Keep two hands on the bar at all times. If you’re hanging on by your elbow, it’s gonna be no rep, please drop and start over.

Pullups: Start with full extension at the bottom, get your chin over the horizontal plane of the bar. You may kip or butterfly, do ‘em strict, whatever.

Knee to Arm: Start locked out at the bottom with your feet in line with your body. Make contact with some part of your arm between your elbow and your armpit with both knees.

Knee Raises: Start in a dead hang, raise the knees over the hip crease. Feet must return to be in line with the body before the next rep begins. If you swing/sway a little bit, it’s ok.



Event Flow: Swine Flew: Teams

All movement standards are the same as listed for individuals.

Teams will have one athlete working, two resting, at all times. You may switch whenever you would like by running back to the start mat. When the working athlete reaches the start mat, a new athlete may go out to work, in any order.