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2019: PigWatch Event Details

This event is for Intermediate, Rx, Elite, and Masters athletes ONLY. It will be Sunday morning.

The event begins at the start/finish line. Chip timers will be worn by all athletes. Athletes will go in heats of about 30, 5 minutes apart.

Individuals will complete the entire course. Teams will have one member completing each leg.

Brief event description: (Scroll down for detailed description of each leg)

Leg 1- From the start line, athletes will run down the beach in hard sand, passing a cone with it on their left. They will then turn and enter the water, running/jumping/swimming around the first buoy. The athletes will then exit the water, run around another cone, then repeat the process for buoy number two. Leg 1 concludes at the marked flag, where the chip timer will be passed to the next athlete.

Leg 2- Athletes will run from the flag, turn at the cone, then enter the water and swim to Buoy 3, passing it on their right. They will then continue swimming straight across to Buoy 4, which they will pass on their right and turn for shore. Once complete, exit the water and run to the pier where the chip timer will be passed to the final athlete.

Leg 3- Athletes run from the pier to the start/finish line in the deep sugar sand. The route will be marked. Distance will be approximately 800m.


Buoys 1 and 2 (the Lifeguarding Runs) will be set at about 4 feet of depth at low tide, which will likely be less than 150 feet from shore. The tide will be coming in during the event, so later heats (Rx and Elite divisions) will see deeper water than the early goers. In years past, this buoy is primarily something you can run around, but in the later heats, a little swimming may be necessary for the last few meters.

The swim buoys will be further out than the lifeguard buoys. You will not be able to stand where you are swimming. It is a swim. 300 meters is half of last year’s distance, for those who were here last year.

The run back will be in deep sugar sand. No running in the hard stuff. Shoes or no shoes is your call.